Wondering What Heavy Gauge Stamping Can Do? Some Famous Examples Provided

Heavy gauge stamping refers to a series of metal fabrication services that stamps, rolls, bends and punches sheet metal, often for decorative purposes. If you think you might want to hire a sheet metal fabrication company to create something of this sort for a project of your own, but you are not certain of what they can do, just ask them. They may have their personal portfolio of projects for which they have assisted. Otherwise, the following famous examples exhibit some of the best heavy gauge stamping work you can see.

The Top of the Chrysler Building

At the very tip-top of this iconic building, there is a series of semi-circles radiating upwards. The triangles in each of these radials has stamped metal work. If you could see the metal work up close, you would see that the metal is folded and stamped inward on itself to create perfect seams. Each sheet was then cut to fit and welded in place at the top of the building several times over, arcing upward and all the way around the top of the building.

The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

This strange, swirly architectural form is entirely metal on the outside but gives way to all kinds of art on the inside. Its exterior required many long hours of metal fabrication, formation of the whorls that come to the center to connect, and the whole of it is stamped all over with heavy gauge stamping to give it a unique texture. Without the texture, it may still be an interesting and iconic building, but the stamping all along every surface of its exterior tends to make you want to look at it up close.

Lloyd's Building, London

A recent addition to the London skyline is this building, which has all of its insides on the outside. Its water pipes, heating and cooling ducts, etc., are all outside. To make it especially interesting, there is a lot of sheet metal that has been rolled, bent and shaped to create platforms and towers through which "lifts" (elevators) rise. It is this rolled, bent and shaped steel that qualifies as heavy gauge stamping, and while it is not technically "stamped", it still falls within the processes that are part of the metal stamping category of services. At any rate, all of that curved shiny chrome does reveal that metal fabrication can do some unique stuff for you.