3 Types of Metal Signs You Will Need for Your Medical Facility

Whether you are a physician, dentist, or other medical professional, building your own private practice is usually the ultimate goal. Once this goal becomes a reality, you will have a lot to do and a lot of considerations to be made. During all of the chaos of establishing and constructing your private practice location, it is easy to forget some of the small but important things, such as the signs that will be a necessity once the project is complete. Take a look at these three types of metal signs you will need for your medical office location that can be custom built by a metal fabrication shop.

Wayfinding Signs 

From the parking lot to the interior of the building, having wayfinding signs visible for your new patients is an all out must. You should have wayfinding signs posted at the front of the building that give basic instructions of how to get to certain areas of the building and inside of the building to lead patients where they need to go. These large signs are best made out of durable metals so they can withstand many years of use. A good metal fabrication company who offers full customization can help you create and develop these signs to cater to your business. 

Parking Lot Signs 

The first area of your medical facility that patients will encounter is the parking lot. Therefore, it is always important that patients have a good experience in the parking area. There are several points at which signs will need to be placed in the parking area. For example, you will need signs that:

  • clearly mark handicapped parking areas
  • direct traffic flow and the directions cars should travel
  • mark pedestrian areas 

Business Signs 

The sign for your new medical facility is one of the most important components that will be placed when the construction project is nearing completion. You may choose to post a business sign on the exterior of the building, on the rooftop, or even out closer to the road at the edge of the parking area. Because these signs are larger than usual and will be outdoors, having them fabricated from metal is the better route to take. A custom metal fabricator like Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc. can help you create a uniquely shaped sign that is pertinent to your medical place of business so passersby can clearly see who you are.