Industrial Water Tanks And Water Storage Solutions

Storing water and liquids for use in industrial settings can be a challenge. Making sure the water is kept separate from other chemicals or contaminants is critical. There are many different types of tanks that are available but you will need to select one that works for your specific needs. If you cannot find one pre made, you made to consider having a tank made that will work for you.

Types Of Tanks For Water

While there are many different kinds of tanks used for water, polyethylene tanks offer the best solution for systems not under pressure. The tanks are lightweight, very strong, and will not rust over time. They can be used inside or outside in the right climate. In very cold climates the water in the tank can freeze and damage the tank so outside use may not be appropriate. These tanks are often used to store clean water but are not limited to that purpose. Talk with the manufacturer of the tank to determine of the water you want to store is appropriate.

Size and Shape Of Your Tanks

If you are looking for a specific size or shape of the tank for your needs, you may need to order it, but generally, water storage tanks can be found online and through dealers in sizes ranging from 10 gallons to over 20,000 gallons. If you need to go bigger than that, you could use multiple tanks plumbed together in series. Most water tanks available will support that and you would also have more flexibility in placement of the tanks if you need it. Along with the capacity, there are a wide variety of heights, widths, and diameters available to you that will make it easier to find one that fits the space you need it in.

Agricultural Use

Another use of these large poly tanks is in the farm industry. Because they are lightweight, they can be moved when they are empty and placed in areas that require daily water use. Once the tank is in position, the landowner or farmer can have it filled and have the water they need for the daily operation. Once the tank is empty, it can be moved inside or put into a storage area for the winter months then brought back out for the following season.

Rainwater Collection Systems

In some areas of the country, rainwater collection is important and the water used for many different things. The heart of these systems is the ability to store larges volumes of water to be used later. There are many styles of tanks used in these systems but in most case, the poly tanks are the first choice because of the weight, durability, and flexibility they offer.

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