Is Your Metal Stamping Machine Heating Up? What To Know

If there is a machine out in your manufacturing or machining shop that has started to smell like it's burning or overheating, and you aren't sure what to do, there are a few things that you want to take into consideration.  If the temperature gauges on the machine aren't signaling distress, but the smell is apparent and the machine is very hot, you want to take action. Look into the following things to see if you can stop the heating and burning odor to help maintain the machine.

Clean Filters

You want to make sure the machine filters are cleaned and not clogged. To maintain the machine's filters you want to:

  • Use an air compression hose to clean out dust
  • Replace the filter
  • Utilize a central humidifier in the space if it's dry

These are just some of the things you can do to make sure that the chambers around the fans and filters stay dust free, so the machine can work as efficiently as possible.

Check Cutting Fluid

Check to see if the cutting fluid levels are high, to ensure that the mechanical components are lubricated properly. With the proper lubrication, the parts will function more smoothly, and the machine can function at a proper temperature so it doesn't overheat or release a burning odor like what is being omitted from the machine.

Get a Mechanical Inspection

You may be due to have a professional come and look at the machine for a mechanical inspection and tune-up. If so, have them look at all functions of the machine, and all components like hoses, filters, gears and more. This way you know if there is a small problem that needs to be repaired before it becomes a big mechanical issue and before it ends up shutting the machine down and costing you money.  A broken seal, dirty filter or low fluid levels can cause a lot of problems for your machines.

If you are starting to get nervous because one of your machines is feeling hot, and because you aren't sure if there is a major problem, take the time and have the machine serviced. You want to check all of the levels of the fluids and clean out the filters regularly, but if you haven't done this and you know that there could be a problem, shut the machine down and wait until you get an answer before you deal with a fire or another problem.