Things To Consider When Hiring A Well Contractor To Drill A Well

When you purchase a lot to build a home on, thinking about utilities is important. If your lot does not have access to municipal utilities, such as water, you will need to drill a well. Having a reliable well that can provide continuous access to clean water free of contaminants is incredibly important, so you need to select your well contractor very carefully. Since having a well drilled requires a large financial investment, the project needs to be done right the first time. If you need a well drilled on your property, consider the following things before hiring a well contractor like those at East Wichita Well & Pump.


Never hire a well contractor who is not properly licensed in your state. Many states require drill contractors to be licensed through the registrar of contractors as well as either the health department or an environmental agency. To protect yourself, don't be afraid to ask for proof of licensure and any other qualifications or certifications that the well contractor may hold. Doing your due diligence will help ensure that you're hiring a drill contractor who is reputable and experienced. 

Inquire About Laws

Most areas have extensive regulations and laws in regard to drilling a new water well. It is a good idea to have some information yourself about these laws, but also discuss them with a potential well contractor who you are interested in hiring. A good well contractor will have an in-depth knowledge about the laws pertaining to well drilling and will be able to clearly answer any questions that you may have. You should also be able to count on a well contractor to be aware of all permits that may need to be obtained before drilling can begin.

Check References

Before hiring a well contractor, it is in your best interest to check references. A well contractor who takes pride in doing exceptional work should have no issue providing you with the contact information for past customers. Take the time to contact references and ask them about their experience working with the well contractor, how old their well is, and whether or not they have experienced any major problems with their well since it was drilled.

Understanding of Local Geology

It is always a good idea to hire a local well contractor who is very knowledgeable about the geology in your area. A deep understanding of the geology and what to expect under the soil is essential for providing an accurate price quote. Knowing the geology and how to drill through it will also help prevent delays when your well is being drilled.