Understanding The Galvanization Process

If you are in the process of working with an industrial manufacturer to have steel pieces or parts made for your business, then you have likely discussed metal finishing options. If you have not, then you should know that galvanizing is one of the most popular options available to you. Keep reading to learn what this is and why it may be useful.

What Is Galvanizing? 

Galvanization is a coating process that involves the placement of a rust prevention sealer on the outside of a metal surface. The coating is used for either steel or iron and consists of a zinc material. The zinc acts as a barrier that keeps the underlying from being exposed.

Galvanization usually occurs during a process called the hot dipped method, and this allows for a relatively thick coating to deposit on the steel. This involves the dipping of the steel part in molten zinc material, and it produces a sort of texture on the steel that is referred to as spangle. The spangle appearance can be changed based on your needs and involves variation through the adjustment of cooling times.

If a thinner coating is required on your products, like if a final powder coating or a layer of paint will be added at some point, then the manufacturing business may use an electrogalvanizing technique. This is where the zinc is added through electroplating. There are some other galvanizing methods, so make sure to speak with your metal finishing professional if you have any concerns that you want to be addressed. 

How Is Galvanizing Useful

The process of galvanizing has a wide variety of benefits, and the most important is typically the way that the zinc coating helps to prevent the formation of rust. Keep in mind that the zinc coating will wear away over time, so it is not a permanent solution to keeping steel from rusting. While this is true, the zinc will often be exposed only after decades of weather exposure.

Not only will the zinc protect the entirety of the steel part, but it offers protection even where there are small scratches on the metal's surface.  Galvanized steel is often a standard material, and customers will want to know that you are using it instead of an unprotected metal. So, this can help you sell steel products in the long run. If you want to know more about steel, metal finishing, and the ways that a galvanized coating can protect your products, speak with a metal finishing professional.