The Diverse World Of Paper Cores

Many consumers give little thought to the packaging that comes with the products they use each day. Film cores, also known as paper cores, are among the most common types of packaging found in retail settings. These paper cores can be found inside rolls of fabric, rolls of toilet paper, inside a roll of scotch tape, or in rolls of paper used to print receipts.

These seemingly insignificant packaging components actually play in important role in determining how consumer products function. Learn more about paper cores to better appreciate the unique niche these packaging materials fill.

A Paper Core for Every Application

One of the greatest characteristics of paper cores is the ability to customize these cores to meet a variety of needs. Companies that manufacture paper cores to be used in packaging work closely with their clients to determine the paper core design parameters and specifications that will offer the most protection for packaged products.

If you look closely at the paper cores contained within products in your home or business, you will see how the design of these cores varies from one product to the next.

Thickness Counts

One of the most important specifications that paper core manufacturers needs to be concerned with is the thickness of the paper cores they are producing. The appropriate thickness will vary depending on the product that the paper cores are intended to package.

Heavier products like fabric or plastic wraps will need a thicker paper core made from cardboard to support the weight of the product once it has been rolled. Lightweight products, like toilet paper or paper towels, can be paired with a thinner paper core with no adverse effects.

Paper Tubes vs. Paper Cores

Many consumers think of paper tubes and paper cores as being interchangeable. While these two products feature a similar design, they differ in the type of support they provide.

A paper tube is designed to offer support from the outside. Items placed within the tube are shielded against damage from environmental dangers. Paper cores offer support from the inside.

A paper core is designed to act as a base for rolled materials so that these materials can be unrolled by consumers with ease. Both paper cores and paper tubes can be recycled and used again to help reduce waste.

Paper cores are the unsung heroes of the product packaging world. These cores provide stability and support that makes using rolled products more convenient. Pay attention to the quality and design of the paper cores within your favorite products in the future.