Start Using Foam Inserts To Better Protect Your Products In Transit

Are you looking for a better way to properly secure your materials or products while in transit to a store or some other destination? Are you also looking to keep your total handling or packaging costs down or under a specific budget? Today, more and more business owners in your position are turning to foam inserts to help them achieve these goals. Here are just some of the reasons why you should start using foam as your go-to packaging material.

Foam Inserts Can Be Built Into Any Shape

You can of course purchase foam that is pre-designed and pre-built into specific sizes. But it's also possible to reach out to a dedicated custom foam insert supplier to get exactly what you need. Foam as a material is very flexible and adaptable, and it's quite possible that a custom manufacturer could design an insert according to your exact specifications. When your foam is a perfect match for your product and your packaging, there will be less shifting or moving during transit, and your product or materials will arrive at their destination in top condition.

Foam Is Inexpensive and Lightweight

Foam as a material is generally seen a pretty affordable. Exact prices will of course vary based on how much customization you need, but foam is generally a cost-effective way to protect your packages without going over budget. Foam can help you with price in another regard, and that's with keeping your shipping costs down. Foam is very lightweight, and this could help keep your total cost down if you are paying by the pound or ounce for each shipment.

Foam Can Be Recycled

If your company is also looking to reduce its environmental footprint, you'll be happy to know that foam is an easily recyclable material. That means that when your company sends a product out that is wrapped or otherwise protected by foam, the customer or store that receives the package will be able to recycle the foam along with the cardboard box, and your company will not be responsible for adding more waste to the local community.

Foam is a lightweight, inexpensive, and flexible material that can be used to create custom inserts for just about any product or package. For best results, foam inserts purchased from a custom manufacturer will help you better protect your products and possibly improve customer satisfaction as well. Contact a local provider of foam inserts today for more information.