Custom Oilfield Services Offer Varied And Extensive Assistance For Your Operation

Oilfields require specialized equipment, and it's best if that equipment is customized to fit your specific operation. Many oilfield services offer custom production, but choosing which company to go with can take time. The past few years have brought up a number of questions regarding supplies and staffing, too, and all of that can affect how quickly you can get customized equipment.

What's the Turnaround Time Right Now?

It can take some time to produce a custom piece of equipment, so ask about the turnaround time now. How varied is it, how dependent upon other suppliers is it, does the company have adequate staff levels, and how long is the waiting list for that type of equipment? Some delays can be understandable if the company is popular or if there are supply issues that the company can't help and, obviously, they have to have a realistic production time.

How Has the Supply Chain Issue Affected Their Production?

Everyone has been affected to one degree or another by the supply chain issues that have continued over the past couple of years. Chances are that any company you try to contract with will have had their own experiences with it, so ask about how the company has handled shortages and delays. They could have changed their order requirements, diversified their relationships with suppliers, or even just told customers that there is a wait and patience is required. Find the company whose actions sit best with you.

Do They Focus on Services for Specific Portions of the Oilfield, or Do They Work With All Divisions?

Oilfield facilities encompass everything from administrative offices to warehouses to the actual wellpoint locations. An oilfield service may focus only on the oil portion, creating custom equipment and supplies for use at wellpoint and processing facilities. Many have equipment and supplies to help with transportation, if not offer outright trucking services, and others offer supplies and equipment for testing. You won't find these companies offering administrative equipment like furniture, but some do offer oilfield management software and record-keeping programs.

Identify what needs assistance with equipment in your facility and oilfield operations and look for custom services that will supply those divisions. Start with only the very necessary equipment and supplies, and increase what you order as you figure out whether this company is one you want to continue working with. For more information, reach out to customizable oilfield services near you.